Golden Retriever jealous of new Dalmatian pup becomes his lifelong companion

Michelle & her family had an adorable Golden Retriever dog, Rex. He was the only child until the dog mama adopted a dog sibling for their pet. They brought the super cute Dalmatian puppy, Eiger, home from that moment. Rex was very intrigued and wanted to know what was going on.

That thought soon changed to full-on jealousy. The Golden Retriever did not like Eiger at all. Rex was reluctant to share his toys with Eiger and did not allow the little puppy to come near his toys. Instead, he would make sure Eiger couldn’t play with them.

Michelle did not know how to fix the situation. She did not know how to make Rex understand that Eiger was not replacing him. Instead, the owners wanted to create a lifelong companionship between the two dogs.

Michelle understood that Rex just wanted to be involved and be reassured that his family still loved him. However, the possessive Golden Retriever was definitely both resistant and hesitant towards his sibling.

However, after a while, Rex started to come along. He began to lick and groom Eiger, which showed that he was ok with having the dalmatian around. The dogs started to cuddle a lot.

Rex & Eiger would now even go inside the crate on their own. This was a ‘Wow Moment’ for Michelle and her family because Rex never liked cuddling. Still, Eiger loved it so much that the Golden Retriever started to enjoy it as well.

Rex soon became a big brother, and he took that role seriously. He just wanted to protect Eiger whenever something was going on. The two of them definitely had a fantastic relationship. They loved to cuddle, play, and sleep with one another and were inseparable.

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Golden Retriever jealous of new Dalmatian pup becomes his lifelong companion