Golden Retriever pup can’t take eyes off of tiny adorable kittens

Golden Retriever pup and adorable kittens

The trope is that dogs and cats usually don’t get along. However, a Golden Retriever pup has turned it on its head in an adorable video of him admiring a litter of the tiniest kittens.

Golden Retriever pup and adorable kittens

Many people found this sight pretty adorable as the curious little puppy tried to understand what was happening and wanted to investigate the situation.

The owner had spread the litter of kittens on the bed and wanted to know how the puppy would react. Some kittens were sleeping while the others were sniffing around or playing.

Adorable kittens

The curious Golden Retriever puppy puts his head on the bed and stares at the kittens for a while. Later he gathers courage and comes close to them, smelling the kittens.

Although the puppy was unable to understand what he was witnessing. The puppy was not afraid of the kittens, and even they did not feel threatened by the puppy. Golden Retrievers have a great sense of family bonding.

Golden Retriever pup and adorable kittens

Golden Retrievers care a lot about how the family would react to the other pets. For example, if the puppy had thought that the kittens were recognized and managed for by the family, they would act similarly.

The kittens are most likely British Shorthair cats usually found in England. They are one of the well-known cat breeds found in the world. The mother cat, be it any species, are very protective of their babies. However, the cat was not protective about the litter, even with the puppy around. She felt no threat from the Golden Retriever puppy.

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Golden Retriever pup can\'t take eyes off of tiny adorable kittens