This Golden Retriever Puppy Is Adorably Confused When He Encounters A Mirror! LOL!

This adorable video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

The sweet little yellow baby in this perfect video clip goes by the name of “Scout,” and when he meets another Scout, he becomes quite confused.

There are very few species in the animal kingdom who can recognize themselves while looking into a mirror; puppies usually always treat their own reflections as if it was a different dog in the room. And when you watch Scout, you’ll agree that he’s a bit confused as to who dropped in to join the party.

After you watch this video, you’ll be wishing you were in that room to snuggle up with that soft-looking puppy. While Scout will never fully understand who it is in the mirror, he’ll slowly grow more and more accustomed to the strange dog in the room.

Poor little Scout gets so confused at his own reflection, that by the :52 mark of this sweet little video he’s finally had enough and wants to make sure that his mom and dad are well aware at how grumpy he is!

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