When This Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave The Dog Park, Watch Mom’s Technique For Convincing Him.

Dogs are fairly simple creatures to please; a belly full of food, a human to give them a good belly scratch, and some space in the great outdoors for them to play. Puppies can be a bit like children sometimes and if you take away one of the things that they love they may not react well.

In this video we meet a golden retriever who has been playing in the park and having fun. But when it’s time to go home this puppy doesn’t react as well as other dogs might. The golden retriever protests quite convincingly that he should get a little more time.

Watch this incredible reaction from the golden retriever when it’s time to go home. All this puppy wants to do is spend all day at the park playing, but unfortunately he doesn’t get the last say in whether or not he is allowed to stay there.

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