Golden Retriever Won’t Go Anywhere Without His Safety Blanket!

Much like us humans, dogs also have their comfort zones and things that they just can’t do without, like a favorite toy or clothing item that they literally carry everywhere with them. Many kids had a favorite blanket growing up that was always by their side as toddlers.

Otus the Golden Retriever knows the situation all too well, for he also has a favored blanket that he drags everywhere – in fact, he won’t do anything without his favorite blankie!

In this video, Otus is seen tenderly dragging his blankie from room to room in his owner’s home. He seems to settle in the living room for a while, taking care that he doesn’t mess up his blanket. When someone asks him to go outside and play, Otus seems sceptical and latches on to his beloved blanket, with a confused look on his face!

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