Golden Retriever’s sweet friendship with the landscaper is too cute to resist

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a well-known, much-loved breed. They stand out for their great looks, friendly demeanor, and never-ending energy reserve. It seems like these dogs can be friends with nearly anyone!

Golden Retriever

In this video, we see a Golden Retriever named Finn, who—after noticing a weekly visitor in the neighbor’s yard—has made a new friend. The camera starts panned out over the entire lawn but quickly focuses on Finn.

He’s staring into the neighbor’s lawn, patiently sitting near the fence that separates the two properties. The caption “every thursday Finn waits for the neighbors landscaper to notice him” appears across the screen.

Now we know what Finn is watching and why he’s sitting there, but how long will he have to wait? The video quickly cuts to the next scene (so we’re not entirely sure how long he had to wait), but we doubt it was very long.

We can see Finn, who’s now pacing next to the fence. His tailing is wagging, and he seems to be super excited. Why? The neighbor’s landscaper has taken a break from work to come over and say, “Hi.”

Golden Retriever

The man leans over the fence, giving Finn all the pets he’s been eagerly awaiting. The pair seems well-antiquated, which makes sense since Finn is super friendly, never barks once, and waits for this man weekly.

The sweet friendship and weekly routine that this pair share are so cute. There’s no doubt in our mind: that seeing and saying “Hi” to Finn is probably the highlight of this landscaper’s Thursday!


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