Gone Forever – Things You Could Find In Every 1970s Home

The 1970s were a magical decade in America with many memorable styles and events. There were certain things that every home seemed to have in the 70s. If you lived through the decade, you’d remember these popular home items.

Every 70s home floor was covered with ‘Linoleum.’ Sometimes referred to as ‘Lino,’ the floor covering is made from solidified linseed oil, pine resin, ground cork dust, and sawdust. Pigments are added to create the perfect 70s color.

No 70s home was complete without the handy TV tray. The personal table enabled people to eat in front of the TV easily due to its collapsible design. These trays were sold in groups of four with a storage rack allowing the whole family to eat in the living room while watching their favorite show.

Another popular furniture item was the ‘Egg Chair.’ It was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1959 for the Denmark Radisson hotel. Using polyurethane foam, Jacobsen created a cocoon-shaped chair that weighed just 17 pounds, making it easy for hotel staff to move around. They were all the rage in every 70s home.

An excellent entertainment item was ‘Fondue Pots.’ The pot served melted cheese that everyone could share by dipping their favorite foods inside. The pots were heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and no 70s home was fit for entertaining without the fondue pot.

Another staple of the 70s kitchen was the famous ‘Mr. Coffee.’ The automatic-drip coffee machine was referenced in popular culture during the decade. Celebrities like Joe DiMaggio and Dave Kovack promoted the must-have appliance.

Regardless of what type of home you lived in, if it was in the 1970s, you probably had several of these iconic items. As people gathered to listen to funk, rock, and disco, they danced on linoleum floors while eating fondue and brewing Mr. Coffee.

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Gone Forever – Things You Could Find In Every 1970s Home