Be good while we’re out: dogs respond with an incredible Christmas surprise

Christmastime can be fun, what with all the friends, family, gifts, and good cheer. However, there is a lot of work involved and that’s just for the decorating! However, if you’ve got some helping hands, you’ll have the house looking festive in a hurry. A dog training school in Hungary decided to make a fun little video where 32 helping paws give a house a total Christmas makeover.

The dog-human relationship goes back thousands of years. Dogs originally looked like wolves, but we humans have used selective breeding to produce all sorts of crazy variations: tiny Chihuahuas, stretched dachshunds, giant Great Danes, and many more. Dogs are pretty smart and being eager to please, they’re usually receptive to being trained. That’s why there’s a long history of working dogs, performing tasks as diverse as herding sheep, guiding the blind, and sniffing for contraband.

Some dogs just don’t want to learn their lessons. That’s where specialized dog training schools come in. The school that made this video specializes in what they call the “mirror method.” It’s based on “model-rival training.” The basic idea behind it is that dogs naturally learn by observing. The trainer employs a “model-rival” who models the desired behavior and serves as a rival for the trainer’s attention. The dog then competes with the rival, performing the same behavior in order to please the trainer. The method works with a dog’s natural instincts rather than against them.

In the video the school made, a group of dogs are told to be good while their humans are out. The moment the people have left, the dogs swing into action, hurrying to prepare a big surprise for them. They’re putting up all the Christmas decorations! These furry elves work like crazy to get it all done: stringing lights, getting presents under the tree, you name it. Good dogs, indeed!

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