Good Samaritan helps koala bear after hearing him crying from pain.

Our love for animals doesn’t seem to have an end, we are gentle people and every time we found little creatures in distress the only thing on top of our minds is to help them out. You can say that we have a weakness for them and we can’t avoid offering help whatever the circumstances are. But despite how good our intentions are, the most logical decision we can make is to call the animal center for help, they possess the knowledge and specialized tools to handle this kind of situation, especially if it is an exotic species that you barely know about.

Almost every animal is aggressive when they feel threatened or in a state of danger. Besides their vast array of defense’s mechanisms, they can also be transporters of infectious diseases that can affect the human health in different ways. Australia is the largest country in Oceania and the number six of the world in total land area. It is composed of a diverse range of natural habitats, from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests and is recognized as a megadiverse country. The flora and fauna in this territory are really unique, it posses the greatest number of reptiles in any country and shows exceptional other species that are now considered emblematic icons of the country, like the kangaroo and koala bear.

A man called Bruce Atkinson found a rare surprise the other day; he was hearing weird noises coming from outside of his house. Although he didn’t know what it was at first, he insisted to check it to reveal the mystery. Slowly but carefully, he started to search the source of the sound. When he finally opened the front door an unexpected guest was there. It turns out that a koala bear was standing outside, he was decided to help him but he noticed that something was wrong. He took a closer look and saw in detail what was really happening to him, unfortunately, the koala bear was fully covered with sharp burs.

It was very likely that he fell down from a tree directly into the bush, that’s probably how he caught a lot of sharp burs in his fur. Before you can handle a koala bear you must take into account that his claws and sharp teeth can do a major damage on a person, but considering the situation Bruce didn’t hesitate and put on long sleeves, jeans and a pair of glove to avoid direct contact with him. Then, he armed himself with a round hairbrush that belonged to his wife and started to brush him very gently in order to remove all the burs out.

The most impressive part of all is that he seemed to enjoy the help Bruce was providing him. After all this, he took the koala and left him into his natural habit once again. Without his help, our poor friend would have suffered a long time due to these circumstances.

If you want to watch how our koala friend responded to this guy’s aid, just click play on the video below and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave your comment and share it with your friends and family.