Good Samaritan Sees Elderly Woman Being Robbed. My Jaw Dropped At What He Did Next.

There are some situations where it just seems like fate, with the right person being there at the right time. It can be relationships, work, whatever, but if they miss each other by minutes, then the miracle doesn’t happen. This can result in a missed opportunity… or worse. Fortunately, the fates placed a good capable man who was there to prevent a possible tragedy. This video will explain more.

We see security footage of John Zachary Desjardin riding his bike toward an elderly woman named Rosemary Carelton in front of a Florida supermarket. He wants her purse and he tries to shove her into the car and ride away with it. Some people in the next car ignore what happen. Not Kendrick Taylor, a Navy veteran who is in college at Full Sail University. He’d taken his headphones off when he sensed a problem… and he zeroed in on Desjardin, running at him in a full sprint. At first, the would-be-thief jukes him and runs away, but Kendrick is in hot pursuit again, this time trailed by two other people intent on corralling the scum.

I don’t know if Kendrick played football at all when he was in the Navy, but he has some really good burst speed as you see him close the distance between him and Desjardin in an amazingly short time, just like a linebacker chasing down a scrambling quarterback. He left the other two good Samaritans in the dust, so by the time that he’s got the punk on the ground, they can arrive and be like, “Yeah! Stay down!”

The really terrible thing was that Desjardin, the would-be perpetrator, was already out on probation for something else. He’s only 23 years old and he’s doing awful stuff like trying to rob a 76-year old woman. That’s just low. Thank goodness Kendrick was there and the other two people who his actions galvanized to help him chase the cretin down. The hero was also handsomely rewarded by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, where she gave him over $13,000 to help both him and his mother.

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