He tries to tell his dog it’s time to take her meds. Her reaction is awesome!

Giving a pet their medicine can be a fraught process. You know it’s for their own good, but your freaked-out pet doesn’t, and it isn’t fun to force the issue. Sometimes, though, there is comic relief. That’s what happened when it was time for this doggy dad to give his pooch the dreaded ear drops.

The dog in question is a yellow Labrador named Denver. She’s quite the internet celebrity thanks to a whole slew of videos where’s she’s gotten in trouble for various canine crimes (raiding the trash, destroying Christmas tree ornaments, and so on) and then tried using her inimitable toothy grin to get out of it.

This time she hasn’t done anything wrong. Instead, it’s time for her ear drops. As you’ll see in the video posted below, the mere sight of the bottle had her reacting with disgust and making faces. Her human dad announced, “Denver, I know you don’t like to take your ear medicine, but we’ve got to do it. Come here…” Then he starts to break down laughing. She was doing her toothy grin. If it’s an attempt to look tough by bearing her teeth, dad is confidently calling that bluff, laughing the whole time. Being a good dog at heart, Denver does scoot closer to him, but it’s clearly under protest!

Getting a dog to accept ear drops can be difficult and usually involves trickery and bribery. You might have to nonchalantly handle the bottle a number of times over the course of the day, perhaps tossing a few treats to your canine friend while doing it. You may have to break the whole process into smaller steps each of which the dog will be more likely to go along with. As always, check with your vet if you need advice.

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