Goofy cat outfoxes his owner–in ways you’ll never imagine

House cat Philo, aka “Phil,” pulled one over on his owner who had just installed a cat door in hopes of making life for Phil a little more convenient.

Pop labored for over two hours getting the thing properly installed so his cat could come and go at will. What feline wouldn’t be thrilled at the prospect?

However, when Pop attempts to coax Phil into testing his new contraption, things don’t quite go as planned. Phil, clearly a creature of habit, wants to show off and do just like humans do. He creeps up to his new opening, looks it over dubiously—and then rises on two legs to pull open the door just like his amazed owner.

You’ll chuckle along with tons of other viewers picturing how impressed the owner is with his contraption, only to be struck with the harsh realization that kitties are notorious for being free and independent thinkers.

Hopefully Pop’s laboring won’t be a complete waste. When the door is latched shut this furry, hyper-intelligent critter will surely deduce how the cat door works and be an appreciative little beast.

In the meantime, take a gander at Phil’s all-too-human problem-solving skill by clicking on this video: