Macaulay Culkin Is “Home Alone” Again in a Heartwarming Video That Will Make You Super Nostalgic

Home Alone Ad 2018

Everyone one remembers Kevin McCallister, the tiny tot who was left “home alone” for the Christmas, fending off two bumbling burglars while spreading Christmas cheer in the iconic 1990 movie “Home Alone.”

If only little Kevin had a little technological help back then, his life would have been easier…

Home Alone Google AdToday, 28 years later, Macaulay Culkin is back in his role of Kevin McCallister in a brand new holiday-themed video from Google, waking up home alone again in a very familiar place, checking his calendar with the help of his Google gadgets. “You have the house to yourself,” his virtual assistant replies.

The commences a familiar series of events taken straight from the stage and script of the Christmas Classic, complete with the famous aftershave scene — with a hilarious twist. And when the pizza delivery man shows up at the door, we get another nod and wink from the Home Alone movie. You’ll just have to watch.

Googles new ad is an undeniable hit reports CBS, “The ad quickly went viral as it was shared by “Home Alone” fans across social media. And there appears to be some strategy behind Google’s movie choice – search interest in “Home Alone” increased 1,900 percent last Christmas, CNET reports. The film hasn’t lost its relevancy nearly 30 years later, and Google is only helping to bring it into the 21st century.”

The holiday spoof is definitely well done with a lot of attention to detail, and you’ll chuckle when you notice all of the various scenes reproduced with a modern flair from the nostalgic classic.

Thank you for letting us relive a little “Home Alone” again, Google!

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