Google’s Tearjerker Superbowl Ad Will Help You To Remember “Loretta”

For their recent Superbowl commercial, Google featured a man named Grandpop trying to keep all the best memories about his wife with the help of the world’s most popular search engine. He asks to look at pictures of his wedding day, of places they visited, even their favorite movie, and Google Assistant retrieves them all.

It seems that Grandpop’s Loretta is not around anymore, but he doesn’t want to forget her. Fortunately for him, according to the commercial, Google Assistant can help him remember the love of his life and all they did together. He asks the assistant to bring up photos, movies, and even note down memories.

The most powerful part of the commercial, the one that really got me in the feels, was the end where the assistant produced a list of all the things Grandpop has asked it to remember about Loretta. I have to be careful when I watch this commercial because I cry every time I see it.