This Goose Was Guarding Her Eggs, And Wait Till You See What That Deer Does

I love watching unlikely pairs of animals getting along together and sometimes, they even help each other out of difficult situations. This video features one of these unbelievable, yet totally adorable friendships, of one in need who gets help from another. You are going to be in awe when you see this touching clip of this unlikely friendship between a goose and, well, a deer. Yes, that’s right. A deer.

Animal experts say that when a goose finds a mate, it stays with them for life. Male geese are supposed to defend their nests, while females sit on the nest to keep the eggs warm until they hatch, and then both parents raise the hatchlings together. So when one of them loses the other, it is sad to watch and the one is left all alone to both warm the eggs and defend the nest, and sometimes this just can’t be done alone.

This video shows mother goose in need of some help, and she gets it from a most unlikely source. This poor goose can be seen taking care of her nest by herself. Her male companion is nowhere to be found, but we don’t know why. But then a deer shows up and sits right beside the nest, almost as if he is taking responsibility for the little family. It seems this deer has a sixth sense for those in need and decided to help out.

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