GoPro becomes a new play toy for tiny baby foxes

A wildlife photographer recently found a group of fox babies playing in the forest. Victor Cech from Martin, Slovakia, had set up his GoPro to understand the wildlife in a nearby forest.

However, what he found was pure gold. The photographer had hidden his GoPro in the nearby ground. Thanks to its incredible motion detecting feature, the device had captured something unbelievable.

When Victor went out to retrieve the GoPro and looked at it, he found that his GoPro Hero 9 Black had been moved from its original place. This was possible since a few very naughty fox kids were playing around.

The photographer, out filming the foxes, found that 5 little baby foxes were curious about the device he had placed. They had started hitting at it like a ball while he was gone.

The adorable fox kids instantly discovered the camera. They started playing with it like any little kid would play with a ball. The GoPro captured images of the little ones giving an unfettered look into the private lives of wild foxes.

The fox babies discovering the trail cam and playing with the GoPro like a little toddler was adorable. The first one to find the camera was a bit curious and scared of the device at first.

The fox kid sniffed at the trail cam, and soon the others followed. The peculiar-looking device intrigued their curiosity. They must have thought they had a new toy to play with. However, when they felt a human presence, they instantly ran away.

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GoPro becomes a new play toy for tiny baby foxes