This Gorgeous Bird Surely Knows What To Do During Bath Time, Even in a Sink! WOW

Grace your eyes on Miss Iris, a gorgeous blue Hyacinth Macaw who had just turned 13 years old at the time this video was recorded. She is extremely beautiful, and it’s noticeable that their owners take very good care of her. The cute little bird gives us a demonstration of her wits in the following video, and it’s very amusing, to say the least.

Miss Iris has a way to recognize when bath time has come. She likes to take her baths outside, but since it was very cold, her mom decided to take another route. Since she didn’t want to expose her precious bird to the unforgiving cold outside, she improvised a bathtub in her own kitchen’s sink.

Unaffected by this change in venue, Miss Iris was able to recognize that it was bath time still, and she had no trouble using the sink to cleanse herself. As you will see for yourself in the video, she has an adorable way to do it. She even checks the water’s temperature a few times before getting in, which shows how clean she really is!

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