These Gorgeous Kittens Do What Kittens Do Best: Sneak Attacks!

Babies always captivate us with their innocence and cuteness, and this applies to animals the same way as it does to children. Kittens can be quite adorable when they’re still very little, and when the whole litter stays together to play, it can make for some very beautiful scenes. The kittens in the following video can be seen doing what cats do best: act like sneaky ninjas!

The clip highlights the kind of acrobatic antics and tricks cats can do amongst themselves when they play and it’s almost as amazing as it is cute. These kitties will draw a big smile in your face, and the best part is how the video was edited along with the music, it really makes for an adorable sight.

The cats seem to team up to play-fight against each other, and sometimes they all gang up on the same one to barrage them with furry cuddles! It’s just too cute to be put in words, I can’t help but fall in love with babies like these when I watch them on internet clips. And the ending is just the best! I’ve never seen cats play hide and seek like that.

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