Gorgeous modern tiny house in the mountains is a dream.

Modern tiny house

Leon was inspired to build a tiny home because traditional homes did not suit his needs. He was also seeking something more convenient, eco-friendly, and space-efficient after traveling around New Zealand in an RV for the year prior.

Modern tiny house

Leon ended up placing his tiny home in Queenstown, NZ, on a beautiful lot of land overlooking a stunning mountain range. Enjoying sunsets over the mountains is one of Leon’s favorite activities.

The tiny home’s exterior is dark cedar and black trim that is the perfect blend of natural and modern. Large windows throughout the house encourage indoor/outdoor flow and open up the space even more.

Leon makes the most of the world around him when possible. He has a barrel to catch rainwater which is then triple processed and sterilized for drinking. The tiny home is tapped into the main house’s power grid because solar isn’t practical in the short dark days of Queensland.

Leon and his partner Jariya both prioritized what mattered most to them as individuals when moving into the small space. Leon wanted a reclining couch and a great entertainment system, while Jariya wanted a suitable kitchen. Through thoughtful and intentional design, everyone is pleased.

Modern tiny house
The two continue to collaborate and improve their space as needs arise. Jariya suggested adding direct access to the shower from the garden so they could clean up their dirty dog before he ran inside and dirtied up the small space.

The two absolutely love their new tiny home lifestyle. Leon emphasizes that having a space that truly represents who he is, what he believes, and what he wants out of life has a deeper meaning than he could have imagined.

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