Gorilla Paces Around His Enclosure. What He Did Next Had Me Gasping With Laughter.

Animals are regular pranksters. Some cats like to hide in certain areas of a house, preferably a high point, and then come jumping down on an unsuspecting victim. They can come bursting out from under a bed too. What clever animals they are! Still, their best practical jokes pale in comparison to the one that we see here from a gorilla at a zoo pulls on the people that work there. No… he doesn’t put on a suit and pretend to be their boss…

He wanders around his area, scanning the ground intently, almost scanning individual blades of grass. Finally, he finds a hefty chunk of dirt, picks it up and runs over to the side of one of the walls and hurls the dirt in the direction of the workers. It doesn’t hit any of them and he goes off to the far side of the enclosure, probably snickering to himself the whole time. “Hah. Got those humans. Maybe they will give me more food this time…”

For such a large fella, this gorilla sure is a huge wimp. As soon as he throws the grass, he goes scampering off and hiding. Then again, he’s just being silly. Please, nobody tell him that I called him a wimp. I like living and would like to continue doing so for as long as possible. Thank you. It’s nice to see these animals displaying a sense of humor, especially in the confines of a place like a zoo.

I wonder what he did next. Maybe he reprised the prank a bit later, when he saw that they were back at work. I’m sure they were keeping a close eye on him. The people who were there at the zoo surely got their money’s worth right then and there when he did that. It sure livened up the rest of the visit – oftentimes the animals are just standing there staring off into space, being as exciting as paint drying. At least he threw the paint this time.

Wasn’t that a funny prank? I would have loved to be there to see it. Well, as long as I wasn’t the one he threw grass at… What would you have done there? Tell us your strategy in the comments section!

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