A gorilla receives a box of kittens for his birthday. His next move leaves me stunned.

Gorillas have fascinated people since the beginning of time. Gorillas have a lot more in common with people than people think. They are capable of learning very fast and contrary to what many people believe, they are capable of showing compassion as well as affection. They are majestic animals that can intimidate with their sheer presence.

This has been experienced by many scientists and biologists who have ventured into the gorilla’s habitat. What should a person consider if he or she wants to go to their habitat? Gorillas are not dangerous animals. They are territorial like many animals, and they don’t like to be bothered. When people who are studying them behave in a respectful way, they leave people alone.

Silverback gorillas are the ‘least’ kind to put it one way. The reason is that they don’t have to. They are the leaders in their community. They are both respected and feared. They are used to having things their way and not asking for anything. If they want something, they just take it. So, when a person invades what the silverback considers ‘his’ space, he will let the person know.

Gorilla attacks on humans are still rare. Most of the guides that are hired by scientists know how far you can go without really putting yourself in danger. But not all gorillas can be silverbacks who lead their communities. Most of them are given the ‘beta’ role in the group. Both them and the silverback can be very gentle not only with their babies but with other babies as well.

One day, a family was visiting a zoo when one of their children fell into the gorilla enclosure. The child hit his head and lost consciousness. When the silverback saw this, he ran to see if the child was okay. The zoo staff was immediately called and informed of the situation. The silverback took the child in his arms and gave it to one of the female gorillas.

The zoo staff acted fast and used tranquilizer darts on the gorillas as they did not want a confrontation with the gorillas for the child. When the child was rescued, the medical staff at the zoo did not find any other injuries besides the ones the child had suffered when falling. The parents were relieved that nothing more serious had happened and the child did eventually come back to finish his tour of the zoo.

In the following video, you see a gorilla in one of these heart-warming moments. His name is Koko and today is his birthday. His caretakers know what he wants the most and they have gotten it for him. His present is a box of kittens. Watch how Koko immediately falls in love with one of the kittens and the care that he has when handling them. He is such a gentleman!