Gospel Legends Pull At Our Heartstrings With A Beautiful Tribute To Lost Loved Ones

Sarah Darling and Guy Penrod are both gospel music superstars with enviable solo careers. However, when the two came together on the 2013 ICMA Awards stage, the audience was in for a simply goosebump-worthy performance.

The song they are revamping is Penrod’s 2010 release “Knowing What I Know About Heaven.” The tune was composed by songwriters Charles Robbins, William Austin, and none other than the guest artist herself, Sarah Darling.

As Penrod sings the first verse with nothing but gentle piano and string pads to back him up, the rest of the band slowly starts to fill in the gaps. But the real cherry on top is when Darling joins in on harmonies during the first pre-chorus.

When Penrod and Darling reach the final chorus on the coattails of a plaintive electric guitar solo, we’re treated to a beautiful four-part vocal blend that leaves us wanting more. We couldn’t have asked for a more “inspirational” performance from these two.