He Got Into Road Accident And Was Near Death, But His Dog Took Care Of Him For 40 Hours… Unbelievable!

Some dogs are real natural heroes, and we’re not just talking about Rin Tin Tin and Lassie who are great fictional examples of dogs willing to do anything to save humans. Though, such dogs surely exist in real life.

This year, Purina is awarding several dogs by inducting them into the 2015 Animal of Fame. These dogs are being honored for performing incredible acts of bravery, and the dog featured in the video given below, Sako, might be one of the most wonderful…

Joseph Phillip-Garcia (now 16) met Sako, a 4-year-old king shepherd, through his aunt, and they instantly bonded. Sako adored his family and always was protective towards them.

Once the family went on a hike and after a terrible car accident including Joseph, his relatives, friend and his dog, the only survivors were Joseph and Sako.

Joseph was badly injured, bleeding, and nearly immobile. Sako stayed by his side for the entire time until searchers found them. As temperatures fell, the dog cuddled next to his owner to keep him warm for about 40 hours. According to forest rangers Sako even managed to frighten away dangerous predators!

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