You have got to see what the little girl from the Pepsi commercials looks like now

She stole the hearts of many when she was featured in the 90’s Pepsi ad, which also very clearly takes a dig at Coca Cola. With the political correctness prevalent in today’s marketing and advertising world, this ad was simple but effective.

When she walks into the store for a can of Pepsi, the person behind the counter gives her a glass of Coca Cola instead and that’s when the ad takes a different turn. The voices of Marlon Brando in one of his most famous on screen characters as The Godfather starts to come out of her voice, threatening the man with the signature drawl.

The voices of Joe Pesci and Aretha Franklin can also be heard in the ad. Can you make them out? Write in and tell us if you noticed their voices – also SHARE this video with those who remember it! Bring the memories of the good old 90’s back! What say?