After He Got Stuck In A Goal Net, This Baby Fox Gets Rescued By Wildlife Aid!

If you’ve watched our other videos, you probably already figured that we have a very special place in our hearts for organizations that give out their all in order to help out animals in need. There’s a very serious issue all around the world regarding animal cruelty and abandonment, and to see all those incredible people doing their best to help out always brightens up my day in no time! This particular video was recorded by the Wildlife Aid Foundation, and it shows just how important and amazing this animal rescue work can get to be.

Wildlife Aid is located in the United Kingdom, and they specialize in taking in and caring for injured or abandoned animals, no matter what their species. There are known cases of them helping out anything from ducklings crossing the street to badgers stuck in a muddy hole, and in this video, we meet a tiny red fox cub who got himself trapped in a very sticky situation.

Local citizens reported strange noises coming from their back garden, and not knowing what to do without putting the poor creature or themselves in danger, they called Wildlife Aid so that they could get in charge. In no time, they were able to get him out from his entanglement and back to safety!

You can watch this amazing rescue for yourself in the video just below.

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