She Got Taken Into Holding For Sneaking Thousands Of Young Children Inside Coffins. The Why? Whoa!

There are those shrouded in glory from their accomplishments. For most, their legends will not be known to them, only the moral stance is a must. They see wrong-doing or mistreatment and must jump in to stop. From Harriet Tubman to Irena Sendler, every tragedy has had a resistant hand that guided those who wished for freedom our of dangerous areas.

Irena Sendler was born in 1910 on February 15th. She had a father that unfortunately left her way too young. He died before she was seven. His last message to her left her entire world changed, reminding her not to leave out the little guy. She was to take his last dying wish of her stopping to help the little guy or those in need whenever she could. To ignore the request of someone in need would bring great shame to her father. Wanting to honor her father properly, she went to quite a length.

She decided to carry on her father’s legacy of do no harm. Taking the Hippocratic oath, she became inspired to become a nurse, following her father’s previous profession of medicine. His life of a doctor lead Irena to becoming a nurse in Warsaw, Poland during one of the worst possible times. She worked alongside the Warsaw Social Welfare Department during World War II. The Warsaw Ghetto where she worked held many Jewish people had some help in introducing her to “Zegota,” an organization dedicated to freeing the Jewish from persecution as well as aiding in the escape from Nazi soldiers. Yet when you hear the story, you’ll bless her soul.

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