Got Talent Champ Jonathan Antoine Sings Chilling ‘Amor ti Vieta’ Solo

After hearing Jonathan Antoine’s incredible voice ring out the lyrics of ‘Amor ti Vieta,’ you’re sure to fall even deeper in love with the operatic great’s unique tone. It’s one of the most powerful versions of the classic heard.

Jonathan Antoine performs a majestic rendition of ‘Amor ti Vieta’ live from his concert special and album ‘Going The Distance.’ In a remarkable showcase of talent, the young tenor rewards with an inspiring arrangement.

From the touching emotion in his voice to the smooth, rich delivery, Jonathan has evolved into a true legend-in-the-making. Millions of adoring fans are ever-growing in number thanks to performances like this.

Phenomenal only begins to describe the sublime surreal tone to Jonathan Antoine’s voice. His performance here will give you chills, instilling one with a sense of tranquility while seizing one’s attention for one moving artistic ride.

Got Talent Champ Jonathan Antoine Sings Chilling \'Amor ti Vieta\' Solo