16-Year-Old Singer is a Roller Coaster Ride of Raw Emotions As He Opens His Heart to the Judges

Get yourself set for a rollercoaster ride of raw emotions played out in front of an audience of million as talented 16-year-old singer-songwriter Reuben Grey opens his heart to the judges.

Reuben very candidly talks of the support he’s had from his family and his girlfriend, with her and his mother in attendance at the show. However, he explained that while it’s his father who is his greatest fan, Dad was unable to make the show because he was serving as a security contractor which often would take him to places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

So the emotion was obviously visible when his father announced himself from the audience. Reuben was in shock, but, now with his full soiree of supporters, he could focus on the performance ahead of him.

For once, we were treated to that increasingly rare thing on these showcases of inevitable singing talent. Here was a young man, just sixteen years old, who played and sang his own song. And played and sang it incredibly well.

Reuben had been learning the piano since he was seven. He had also learned to play the guitar and the saxophone at the same time and likes to use all three for his own compositions.

For the audition he performed a track titled “Lifeline”, and of course, there was a heart-warming backstory to it but at least this was his own story and his own talent that was able to express it, so the tenderness and feeling he put into singing it truly came from the heart.

The track was written as an apology to his girlfriend after she broke up with him when he “didn’t treat her right” and apparently she too appreciated the sentiment and meaning of it, and got back together with him.

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Just to tug those heartstrings a little harder it was very touching to see his father singing along, obviously knowing all the words by heart.

None of this was lost on the viewers of this video. One person commented “This is how to succeed at being a human being. The dad, the girlfriend and of course Reuben, they were all such incredible people”.

And in recognition of his talent, another viewer commented “Other people would cry because they could relate… I would cry because of the beautiful structure of the chords and harmonization he’s doing on that piano. It’s not the idea or the words, it’s the amount of emotion he puts into the music”.

16-Year-Old Singer is a Roller Coaster Ride of Raw Emotions As He Opens His Heart to the Judges