Grace Vanderwaal Is a Star! Twelve-Year-Old Blows Away America’s Got Talent Judges! Amazing!

America’s Got Talent originally started as Brittan’s Got Talent in 2005. It’s a reality show that showcases normal, everyday people who have put a lot of effort in to becoming known for their talents. A grueling competition that puts a lot to the test. Contestants have exactly 2 minutes to impress the crowd as well as the judges to the point that a majority wins the vote. This leads to moving on to the next stage of the competition. They usually boil it down to about two of the contestants and the last one standing wins.

Grace Vanderwaal was a normal twelve-year old who loved singing and playing the ukulele. She didn’t tell people though, she never played or sang for her friends. When you hear, her play I’m sure you’ll ask, “why didn’t you?” Because wow, this show was made for people like her. She seemed a bit stiff when she came out at first. Very bubbly, but sort of anxious- I mean who wouldn’t be? “Well, what song are you going to play for us today,” Simon asks. “An original song,” the silly twelve-year-old replied. As soon as I heard that, she would go on to win that vote.

Her voice really compliments her playing style. A little silly, a little sad, but overall very well done. Not many could pull off talent like that. Especially at the age of twelve? If you watch the judges, almost all of them double take or realize in an instant- “Yup, she’s going on to the next stage.” After playing for just under two minutes, the crowd is on their feet. The judges with mouths open. The innocence of such a young girl, the creativity involved, and the strength of her playing led her to advance.

Each of the judges every season can press “The Golden Buzzer.” Whatever the other judges vote doesn’t matter- if the Golden Buzzer is pressed, the contestant automatically advances. Mandel was the one who pressed it, just humbled by her raw talent.
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