Graceful couple’s ice dance is magical – and so beautifully filmed

Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalists Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue perform a touching show routine at ‘An Evening with Champions’ 50th annual show. They do their routine to an emotional song titled, ‘Once I Was Loved’ by Melody Gardot.

‘An Evening with Champions’ is a public, non-profit charity show dedicated to fighting cancer by raising money for ‘The Jimmy Fund,’ which is the fundraising arm of the ‘Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.’

Founded at Harvard in 1970, An Evening with Champions presents an annual world-class figure skating exhibition. It has featured national and Olympic talents such as Nathan Chen, Michelle Kwan, Yuna Kim, and Evan Lysacek.

The lovely Madison wears a short floral sundress, and Zachary wears a simple white shirt and black pants. Their fantastic routine is wonderfully choreographed to capture the romance of the song.

Zachary lifts her over his head and spins her as he skates across the ice. The audience cheers them on, and the spotlight follows them as they dance on skates in perfect coordination. The rest of the ice is illuminated in a deep purple color.

At one point, Madison climbs across Zachary’s back and rolls off as he continues to skate. Their movements are smooth and beautifully fitting to the song. Madison wraps both her arms around Zachary’s neck, and they spin together with her hanging outstretched from his body.

Then, Zachary lifts her all the way up in the air. They end on their knees in an embrace for their final pose. It is a flawless performance by two amazing skaters. The audience is in awe and rewards the couple with thunderous applause for their talent and charity.

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