Graduating student broke the school dress code – what the principle is unbelievably shocking

We’ve all done it at one point in our lives – We’ve gone to school not quite in the proper attire. Sometimes we’ve worn the wrong shoes. Sometimes the skirt hasn’t been long enough, or maybe your shirt wasn’t tucked in. Or perhaps you tried wearing jeans because your school uniform was “in the wash.” For the most part, you were likely to get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. But not for this high school student in North Carolina.

Summer was on course to graduate as a straight-A student at Hickory Ridge High School, Harrisburg, when she violated the school’s dress code. The offending item was a top that just covered her shoulders, but to be fair – it was a clear breach of the rules. Summer borrowed a friend’s jacket to cover up and thought that was the end of it. But the principle decided she wasn’t satisfied.

The exemplary pupil has had run-ins with the head of the school before, and refused to go with the principle without first speaking to her mother – and so they waited to reach her over the phone. However, the principle became impatient and called for back-up in the form of the school’s armed resource officer. Things were getting out of control as the officer even had his hand on his firearm.

“You either come with me to the control room to change, or we will arrest you.”

You might well be thinking this is a crazy situation for simply wearing the wrong top to school that day, especially as Summer is a model pupil with a number of high profile scholarship options. But amazingly, even after her mom was reached and the situation was defused, she found herself slapped with a 10 DAY SUSPENSION while facing the possibility of being expelled!

For someone who has worked so hard to get where she was and on the cusp of graduating with honours, it was a bitter pill to swallow for Summer and her family. She faced the prospect of her future in ruins, all because of the over-zealous actions of the principle and the school’s infamous hard-line stance on their dress code. The school says the punishment was entirely for Summer’s apparent refusal to co-operate and while there are two sides to every story, this is certainly one that has the nation talking. Watch the incredible report below.