Grammy winning Pentatonix harmonizes ‘Amazing Grace’ into something special

This is a completely different sound from the usual upbeat Pentatonix. It’s an unexpected watch that has gained millions of views.

So far, Pentatonix’s new album We Need A Little Christmas has lived up to the hype. There have already been several breakout hits that are worth noting. But this time around, the group went in a different direction.

The song of the day is ‘Amazing Grace’, and it was expected to have the usual Pentatonix mix. To the surprise of everyone, they did the song straight, right down to the set and clothing design.

There wasn’t an upbeat tempo, song twist, or flashing lights. It was pure, powerful acapella of one of the greatest songs ever. To say that it was shocking would be a massive understatement.

They dressed the part, wearing all white while standing in front of empty chairs. It was symbolic, beautiful, and something that only Pentatonix could pull off.

At this point, you could argue that Pentatonix has the best Christmas album in years. They worked hard to make it different but didn’t stray too far from traditional music. If you want an acapella holiday album, then this is the current favorite of millions.

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Grammy winning Pentatonix harmonizes ‘Amazing Grace’ into something special