Grandad’s Donald Duck voice makes annoying telemarketers give up

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on a telemarketer? They repeatedly call with auto warranty renewals and offers you don’t even want. They just won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Well, one man took justice into his own hands or voice, for that matter. When a telemarketer called Donald Sizemore one day, he was ready. He picked up the phone and started talking like the famous Disney character ‘Donald Duck.’

The telemarketer repeatedly asks, ‘Is this Donald?’ Donald Sizemore replies, ‘It is Donald,’ without ever breaking character. After a while, the telemarketer gets to the point of asking about his medication needs.

Donald responds, ‘Oh no, am I in trouble?’ The whole prank causes the telemarketer to do the unthinkable. That’s right, they hung up on Donald. We’ve tried to hang up on telemarketers for years, but Donald actually made them disconnect!

According to Donald’s wife, he’s been doing this voice for over 70 years. She said he did it on their first date, and she thought, ‘Oh my God, am I in trouble here!’ Donald even sang to his wife on their 50th anniversary in his classic duck voice.

It is all good clean fun, and Donald and his wife share a laugh at the telemarketer’s expense. After all, he wasn’t really lying when he said he was Donald. Technically, his name is Donald, but he isn’t the famous Disney duck!

Donald and his wife have been happily married for over 50 years. She has learned to love Donald’s impression of Donald! Together they scared off one telemarketer with humor and a fantastic impression!

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Grandad\'s Donald Duck voice makes annoying telemarketers give up