Granddaughter Posts Photo Of Ailing Granddad’s Wish. The Results Stunned Me.

When we get older, it’s hard to think of things that can excite us. What makes it even more difficult is if we get ill. Then not only do you have to ponder it, members of your family do too, and there can be the element of a ticking clock, since we all don’t know how much time we are granted on this planet. I think that you’ll find this grandaughter’s solution for helping her granddad cheer up worked way better than they could have imagined.

Alfred, a grandfather from Massachussetts was suffering from congestive heart failure. He was turning 98 soon. His family was looking for something memorable for him. His granddaughter suggested that he post a photo asking for 98 likes, one for each year. He held up a piece of paper outlining what he wanted and she took the picture and posted it. Well, I don’t think anyone anticipated this…

This picture became more viral than anyone could have expected. Here he was, hoping for a mere 98 likes. That would have made him happy. 20,000 likes put him over the moon… which is where the former NASA inspector would have liked to be. People from all over the world were wishing him happy birthday. There have been a few times some of my Tweets have gotten over 200 likes. This makes my totals look puny. His family printed out the comments in a binder for him to read.

Alfred made it to 98. I can only imagine how many Facebook likes he would get if he did this on his hundredth birthday. He might reach 100,000… or more! Some people may scoff at social media. I find people post WAY too much personal information on these sites. For every nice story like this, I find 100 of them complaining about everything from politics to relationships. Trying to read all of those might keep Alfred from reaching 99!

What did you think of the story? Is social media good or is it people wasting too much their time while they could be doing other things? Please weigh in with your opinions in the comments section below!

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