Granddaughter Shares Tender Moments With her Grandmother with Alzheimer’s

There are few illnesses as emotionally painful and difficult as Alzheimer’s. It’s a very traumatic experience for the people who have it and for all of their close ones. Characterized by random memory loss, it’s a chronic degenerative condition that is very mild at first, but keeps getting worse over time.

Alzheimer’s is a type of senile dementia, the most common one, representing between 60% and 70% of the cases for both men and women. It’s a regressive neurological disorder, and people over 85 years old have a very high chance of having it. The cause is still to be completely understood, and there’s no cure for it.

In the video featured below, we meet a nice woman who has Alzheimer’s, and she shows us a very tiny look at how life is when you have it. Her name is Nora Jo, and her granddaughter started taking care of her about two years ago. She’s happy and fine most of the time, but sometimes she just gets lost or forgets things.

The clip was recording during one of these occasions. It’s very touching to see what she does for her every day; just imagine how it must be for them. You have to watch for yourself to see this unwavering love for a grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

Granddaughter Shares Tender Moments With her Grandmother with Alzheimer\'s