Capuchin Monkey, Zoey, Hasn’t Seen Grandma in Over a Week – when She Sees Her, the Excitement Is Contagious

Monkeys are one of the cutest animals on the planet when they are not misbehaving or being temperamental, which the monkey in this video is not. This clip features a little monkey called Zoey who is going to steal your heart for sure. This capuchin monkey loves her human grandma. When grandma comes to visit her after one whole week away, her reaction is precious beyond words. The poor girl could not hide her enthusiasm at all.

It’s usually advised not to keep monkeys as pets, due to moral and social reasons, but sometimes they end up needing to be rescued like dogs or cats. If they have never lived in the wild, then they will not know how to survive and defend themselves. So some people adopt them, but they should always learn how to care for them first as their needs are quite different from a dog or a cat.


This family is one of those that adopted a monkey that needed a home. It is clear that they shower Zoey with all the love they have to give. Just like humans, families play an essential role in the development of monkeys, and Zoey and her human grandma clearly share a special bond. It is amazing to see how well she has bonded with her grandma.

When they bring Zoey into the room where her grandma is, she immediately starts making noise to show her happiness and latches onto grandma and won’t let go. There is a lot of excitement, a ton of kisses and of course, so many hugs!

Capuchin monkeys are social animals just like humans, which is why they are often engaged as service and companion animals. It makes sense that these adorable animals love interacting with humans with this sort of love shared around. Watch Zoey and her grandma reunite in the video below, and you are sure to be as happy as Zoey.

Capuchin Monkey, Zoey, Hasn\'t Seen Grandma in Over a Week - when She Sees Her, the Excitement Is Contagious