Grandma Comes Home After Being Away For Two Weeks. Who Greets Her In The Kitchen? PRECIOUS.

There was a very special reunion going on in a household. A grandmother has been away for a week and the whole family missed her. None more than Zoey, a baby capuchin monkey. You see, Zoey didn’t know Grandma was coming back. So a couple of the family members walk into the kitchen, with Zoey on one of their shoulders. Then Zoey sees Grandma and proceeded to climb over and indulge in over a minute and a half of excited chittering and screeching. Apparently, Grandma was used to it, because she didn’t flinch.

Stories about pets practically overwhelming their mommies, daddies, and in this case, grandmas, with love are so heartwarming. Who doesn’t like to come home after a long day and have their dogs jumping around barking and acting like they haven’t seen you for a week? While cats are more aloof, there are ones who immediately jump down from their perch on the sofa and begin rubbing and meowing for attention.

The key behind all this is that we like an acknowledgment that our presences means something in the lives of the people and animals they interact with. One of the cruelest statements is “Oh? Did you go away somewhere? I didn’t notice.” That might as well say, “I don’t care about you.” Zoey, the monkey, surely did care about Grandma, and she let her know in no uncertain terms that she wanted here there a lot more often.

Of course, there will be those who comment below that capuchins don’t belong with families, human families, that is, and the people in this video were irresponsible. Who knows the circumstances of how Zoey wound up there? It’s not fair to judge people like that- but then again, that seems to be the pastime of a lot of people. The Internet just gives them a largely anonymous outlet. I say: Let’s just enjoy the video for what it is.

I really want a monkey now. How about you? Sound off in the comments!

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