Grandma is a huge Elvis fan, so she shows off her dance moves at the Senior Center

Elvis has for a long time remained a crowd favorite. His songs have been among the most covered in history and his home in Graceland remains a must-see for tourists every year. Many people have claimed to have seen The King of Rock long after he passed away. I remember in the 80s when there was a surge of Elvis sightings around the United States.

People reported having seen him at gas stations, shopping centers, and even convenience stores. There were several theories regarding why someone of that stature would even think of faking his death to retire and live a simple life. People would mention that he was probably tired of the spotlight and of constantly having his life criticized.

Others say that he had just had enough of the lifestyle and wanted to pursue other dreams like living on a ranch or out in the country. Now, if any of that were true, wouldn’t it be better to take his family with him and retire together? I would do it. I remember a woman saying that Elvis had even given her a ride… in his big rig! Whatever the reason it may be, there will always be conspiracy theorists who will claim to have seen Elvis and talked to him.

Some people did get the chance to interact with him. People said that back in the day when Elvis was alive they had encountered him in several places. Some of them mentioned they had met him at a gas station or downtown and that he was actually a very approachable guy. He would talk to anyone who wanted to talk to him and give them his autograph.

Others reported that he had given them various presents that ranged from the coat he was wearing at the time, to a car! A man said that he saw Elvis and recognized him. He went on to say “hello” and complimented him on his car. Elvis surprised him when he decided to give him the car he was driving. Now that’s what I call generosity!

Whatever the reason might be, Elvis garnered a lot of fans who still to this day love his music. And that includes the ladies from the Senior Center in the following video. An Elvis impersonator gives the ladies at the Senior Center a visit, but even Elvis was not prepared for the moves this Grandma had for him. Get ready to rock with Elvis’s biggest fan who happens to be the Queen of this Senior Center!