This Grandma Makes These Burglars Scram Out Of Her House!

There are several stories of bravery when it comes to home intruder incidents that showcase the limits of human bravery.  It’s a situation on unwarranted stress in which you don’t know what will happen and it is not advised under any circumstance that you confront burglars! Keep this is in mind when you check out this unbelievable story about this grandmother!

Guilda Messina is 78-years old and she is one tough lady! Watch the footage that was recovered from security camera as she came face to face with three strangers that had gotten inside her house in the search of valuables!

Guilda was rudely woken from her sleep when three robbers entered her Tacoma, Washington, home.  She was just taking a nap when the these three evil-doers decided to come into her house uninvited, however they were in for more than they had bargained for when it came to this particular home owner.

The home invaders started by ringing the doorbell several times before they concluded that no one was home. When Messina didn’t answer, one man forced his way through the basement door with a crowbar, and then let in two others

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