When I Found Why This Grandma Spent $40,000 On Postage Alone, I Dropped Everything To Help Her Out! WOW!

For the past eight years, Karen Grimord, a grandmother in Stafford, VA has developed a habit that has thrust her deep into debt.

Although she can no longer afford her expensive habit, she doesn’t plan on stopping. She wants to keep supporting injured troops by sending her loving care packages overseas.

When an American solider arrives in Landstuhl Hospital in Germany, they usually have almost no possessions to their name. At least that was the case, until Grandma Karen started sending blankets, toiletries, and clothing.

“It makes a tremendous difference for their morale,” said Col. Luke Pittman. The hospital notes that nearly every care package comes direct from Karen’s home in Virginia.

Karen first got inspired to help the troops when she saw a public service announcement eight years ago. Now trucks back into her garage to unload supplies that she packages and sends abroad to injured troops.

After hearing about her kindness, more than 150 combat hospitals, medics, and doctors have requested care packages from Karen. Although she can’t afford it, she has never declined a single request.

“We shouldn’t say no,” she says. “I am going to try, with every bone in my body — if it’s on that wish list — I’m going to try to get it for them.”

Over the past eight years, she’s mailed 7,300 care packages and spends $40,000 on postage alone every year. While some people help, this woman, who isn’t wealthy, has to do it mostly by herself.

Why does she keep going even though it is throwing her into debt?

“You just have to remember their faces and who they are — and you pack another box,” she says.

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