Grandma Takes The Trash To A Dump Truck. What Happened Next? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

We can always count on Just for Laughs for a laugh or two. They specialize in creating pranks and a whole bunch of other funny situations to amuse us, humor us, put us in stitches, make us laugh out loud with a firework of spittle in the air, and so on. Just for Laughs is always creative, and when they have to be corny they are always corny and funny in concert.

This video is a prime example. A grandma tries to move a large trash can on the curb of a residential street to a dump truck. The trash can is way too heavy for our senile granny. What pedestrians and passersby can resist helping our poor granny?

Not too many. Most are happy to help. Our old granny waddles along with appreciation. After they placed the trash can on the dump truck’s forklift, our granny is more than capable of operating the forklift so she offers to take over from there.

The bleeding-hearted helpers would then walk away feeling good about the fulfillment of their Christian value for the day. What happens next is sure to crack you up! Be sure to share this page and video with your friends.

Did they thank you profusely for sharing? Were there air shows of spittle? Did anybody split his or her side? A back brace can help with a split side and it’s available at your local Walmart.