Grandma Wanted to Show Me Her Doing A Double Back Flip. What I Ended Up Capturing? HILARIOUS!

At 90-years-young, June works hard to defy the grandma stereotype. She may have lived nearly a century on this planet but she refuses to let that hold her back from trying new things and enjoying life. Maybe that’s her secret to her long life so far…

So when June said she wanted to show us her double backflip, we didn’t deny the fact that she couldn’t do it. So I grabbed my camera and started filming. But now? LOL!

June convinces everyone to gather around to watch her perform her amazing double backflip routine. She promises everyone that she can go back to her cheerleading past 75-years ago and bring it back for everyone to see.

She stands with her back facing the crowd. She moves her arms back and forth preparing for the double back flip. Watch her bend her knees. It looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. Then when you least expect it, June turns her hands over and flips everyone watching the bird. Haha!

According to June, the secret to living a long and prosperous life is being able to enjoy a laugh at yourself and have a little fun. Don’t be so stiff!

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