Grandma’s Ready To Go Buy Christmas Presents, But When She Looks Inside Her Purse? Oh No!

Helen Wilson was excited to do what most grandmas are excited to do, and that is to get some Christmas presents for her grandchildren. Helen was picking up presents from a Springfield, Ohio, Walmart. She was looking at some kids’ clothes, but when she turned around and opened up her purse, all her money was gone.

“I turned around and my purse was open and my billfold was gone. We could not find it and we had to come to the conclusion that it was stolen,” Helen told WDTN.  She was heartbroken, but still determined to give her grandkids the Christmas they deserved. She scraped up any money she could find from her rainy day fund and went down to Big Lots.

“I was in line and I told the cashier, ‘Don’t let me go over $50 because that’s all I got,’” she recalled. Helen explained her situation to the cashier, but it was the woman behind her who overheard the conversation that made Helen’s day. The kind stranger paid for all of the presents. Helen decided to take her story to the local news because she wanted to properly thank the woman for her kind gesture. Helen was in so much awe that day she forgot to give her a hug.

“I didn’t have any words,” Helen said tearfully. “I’m a very strong Christian. I just think the Lord put her behind me for some reason.”

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