Some Grandmas Try Fireball Whiskey for The First Time. Wowza!

Have you ever heard of Fireball Whiskey? Apparently, not many people have. It’s a whiskey brand that’s advertised as “tastes like heaven and burns like hell.”

Whiskey has for long been the beverage of choice for gentlemen around the globe. It is deemed as the beverage for people who know about beverages, for connoisseurs if you will. Whiskey became a source of contraband in an era where it was illegal. Because of the fact that it was probably the strongest beverage available, it gained popularity past the government ban.

Scotland became the Mecca for this beverage and people from around the globe, started visiting it to be the first to get their hands on the precious beverage. Time went by, and many countries started to become known for one specific beverage — for instance, Mexico. If there is something Mexico is known is for, its Tequila.

Tequila comes from a town with the same name. The town’s economy depends on this precious drink. It is a strong drink that’s often served in a shot glass, with lemon and salt. As with many other drinks, there are many degrees of purity, and the most expensive ones are usually the finest.

Whiskey is also on that list. But what makes whiskey so popular all over the world is the fact that it’s a beverage that doesn’t need to be mixed with anything else. While there are beverages like vodka that are normally served with soda or tonic, whiskey is faithful to its strong roots. There are many brands available, and each year, more of them are created.

The ladies in the following video are about to meet one of the whiskeys that have been gaining popularity over the last few months. The name of the whiskey is Fireball Whiskey; it has a cinnamon touch and packs a nice punch. The only thing is that the ladies are senior citizens. Some of them had a drink or two when they were young. What will the reactions be? Will they be able to handle it? Click on the video to find out.

Some Grandmas Try Fireball Whiskey for The First Time. Wowza!