This Polish Christmas ad has made everyone cry because, well, just watch it

Making a Christmastime commercial can be a difficult balancing act. A company typically wants to make an ad that’s seasonal, festive, and maybe a little emotional but without getting sappy as a Christmas tree. The video we’ve posted below is a commercial for a Polish on-line auction site that does a pretty good job while also keeping the sales pitch subtle.

The spot begins with an older man looking out the window on a gloomy, rainy day. After heaving a sigh, he sits down at his desk and after a little typing and a few mouse clicks, he nods in satisfaction at his dog, who’s sitting nearby. Then it cuts to a package being delivered. He opens it up, revealing a language learning kit called “English for Beginners.” The English language has a huge vocabulary, bizarre spelling, freakish pronunciation, and highly irregular grammar — so he’s definitely got his work cut out for him!

The old fellow is nothing if not a diligent student. He puts sticky notes on everything, even his dog, giving the English word. Listening to course material on headphones, he practices speaking English wherever he goes; on one bus ride, a young woman is surprised to hear him say, “I love you. You’re perfect.” He talks to his rubber duck in the bathtub. And what English language course would be complete without an American gangster movie?

The next things he orders on-line are a suitcase and travel kit. Before long, he’s in London riding one of the city’s iconic black taxicabs. He walks up to a house and his son opens the door. They exchange hugs and then a little face peeks out near the Christmas tree. The older man comes over to the little girl, crouches down at her level, and says in English, “Hi. I am your grandpa.”

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