Grandpa Devastated At Wife’s Death. Guess Who Helps Him Move On? WOW.

Losing a loved one is always hard. Losing a loved one after 63 years of marriage is like a part of your life that you are losing as well. It is heart breaking and at that age, it can seem like there is nothing to live for. When two people are together for that much time, losing them is like losing a part of you.

This is, however, a sad reality that all of us have to face. Nothing lives forever and the experience can be very painful for the people involved – whether the loved one be human or a pet, these losses can leave voids in our hearts that cannot be healed easily. Thank goodness for friends and family who rally around to lift our spirits.

The grandpa not only lost his wife, but within two months of losing her, he lost his dog as well. This double loss made his life very hard to bear until his family stepped in. In order to make sure that he always had someone by his side, a loyal and loving companion to lift his sagging spirits and to keep him active; his family surprised him with a new furry friend!

Named Snoopy, he was selected by his grandchildren to keep him company and this puppy’s introduction to his new owner seemed like love at first sight. With tears streaming down his cheeks as he held his precious new puppy in his arms, the grandpa seemed lost for words at the special gift his family had give him.

Aww, I had tears in my eyes too!!! This moment and the heartwarming reaction made me reach out for tissues. Have you watched the video? Did you get emotional too? Let us know what you think of the video in the section below! We love hearing from you!

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