Grandparent’s Car Is Totaled. What Grandson Does Next Leaves Them In Tears

They say that the biggest child spoilers are grandparents. It is a title they have earned through countless generations. Maybe it is growing wiser that makes them take life with a grain of salt and just stop worrying at stuff most of us do. The thing is for grandparents, their grandchildren are their most precious treasure.

It’s not only the cookies. It’s the special breaks from groundings when we are at their house. It’s the “I won’t tell your parents if you don’t.” Grandchildren and grandparents share that special bond. They do nice stuff for one another. Mostly, it is the grandparents doing the nice stuff. It is very hard for a grandparent to say “no” to a grandchild. Especially if they have found their ‘soft spot.’

Michael Latimer has also had very loving grandparents. They have been there for him when he has needed them the most. They have shown him love and the joy of being generous. Unfortunately, they are in need right now. Michael’s grandfather was involved in an accident and his car was totaled. Getting the car fixed would be completely out of his range. He decides to forget about the car completely. Besides, he doesn’t really get out that much anyway.

Michael decides to show his grandparents a little bit of generosity. He starts filming on his phone. He says that his grandparents’ car has broken down and they are not able to repair it. He has decided to buy them a new car, and he does. He goes and gets them a VW Polo. Brand new!

He puts the key in a series of boxes. One inside the other, the boxes contain clues as to what the gift is. Inside the smallest box are the keys. So, he gets to their home, phone in hand to record. He says that he brought them a present. They must open it together. They must also read the messages out loud.

They get the box and open the first lid. The message reads, “Nan and Grandad, you are both very loving and caring.” In this message, the “V” as in very is enhanced. His grandparents read it, but not think much about it. For them, it’s just a regular note. Next message reads, “Wonderful Parents” with the “W” enhanced. They open the last one and there is a Polo. They read it, but can’t understand. The last box has the car keys. His grandfather looks confused. What will his reaction be?