Grandson Serenades 98-Year-Old Grandma; Song Choice Brings the Internet to Tears

Those who are lucky enough to have close family around appreciate the importance of our grandparents. Those loving people who were always there for us without any expectations. The loving couple that would look after you during the school holidays while your parents were working to make things better for you and your siblings.

For many cultures, grandparents are not only a source of wisdom but represent a figure that evokes respect. For these cultures, it is unacceptable to have their elders taken care of in a senior care center. They provide the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. The family gets together and provides the care they need when they need it the most.

As we get older, the sad truth is that so do our grandparents; it is sometimes the saddest thing to watch as you look back on all the memories you had as a child with these special of all people. The love of a grandparent is a special type of love. The bond that you have with them is something only you and they know; even your parents cannot gauge the love that you have in your heart for your favorite family members.

One such special person was celebrating a milestone birthday, 98 years old when her grandson came to visit and give her a delightful surprise. This nonagenarian, who is unfortunately bedridden, could barely hold back tears of joy as her beloved grandson serenaded her with the classic “Nat King Cole” song “Unforgettable.”

This young man’s love of his grandmother is so apparent it will have you reaching for the tissues as you watch the video of such a touching moment for both of these exceptional people. Life is full of memories; it is what makes us who we are. These fragments of time that we carry through our lives make us the people that we become. It’s moments like these that make you realize how important family is.

Family is a gift that should not be taken for granted, there are some out there that don’t have that special connection, and we should always remember how lucky we are. Whether you are 18 or 98, you won’t help but be filled with emotion as you watch this video that will surely be “Unforgettable,” not only for both of them but also for you.

Grandson Serenades 98-Year-Old Grandma; Song Choice Brings the Internet to Tears