67-yr-old grandma uses hairdryer to solve HUGE problem in her neighborhood!

How’s the crime rate in your neighborhood? How about car accidents? I believe we all have our fair share of these. Even though it is the police officer’s job to protect our neighborhoods, there are many people who have organized teams to take care of their neighborhood’s issues, think of it as your neighborhood-watch team.

But what do you do? Where do you start? It depends on where you live and the type of occurrences you have. There are a couple of things that you can do citizen’s arrests for.

So, if it ever needs to come to this, you can proceed, but do it with caution. Other people have decided to take a more passive approach to help out. Maybe because they are senior citizens or not have a lot of resources at their disposal, they have used other methods, like putting up signs to warn possible criminals of the consequences of their acts.

Some people don’t have the time but do have the resources. They participate in these neighborhood meetings and donate anything they can. In some cases, it’s flashlights, alarm systems, horns, pretty much anything and everything that can help. They also sometimes volunteer their time or lend their phone in case someone needs to make an emergency call.

One problem that has been affecting several neighborhoods around America is robberies. Robberies tend to worsen around the holiday season where thieves know there won’t be anyone around the home. Some neighborhoods get organized in neighborhood watches. In houses where people will be away for the holidays, some of the neighbors take turns in visiting those homes.

They turn on some lights periodically and turn them off in the morning to give the impression that there are people there. In some other cases, one of the neighbors is left with a key, and he or she enters the home every 3-4 days to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. This type or civil organization has proven to be very effective and has been spreading through the country.

For one 67-year-old resident, she didn’t need any group of people to get her neighborhood in order, all she needed was a hairdryer. She was tired of all the accidents that had been taking place due to excess in speed. So, she did what any granny would do, she went to get her hairdryer. She started standing with it outside by her fence, and like magic, accidents went down. Here’s how she did it!

67-yr-old grandma uses hairdryer to solve HUGE problem in her neighborhood!