They Granted This Dying Stray Dog His Last Wish. But What Happens Then? OMG…SO TOUCHING!

This dog in the following video has gone through a lot in life. He was born in the streets of Singapore and he never had a place he could call home. He hadn’t ever experienced warmth or love. But when Save Our Street Dogs (a non-profit organization in Singapore that rescues and fosters stray dogs) came across him, life took a better turn, but only for a moment.

Ol Boy was spotted lying helplessly injured and distressed in a street by a person who then asked Save Our Street Dogs for help. It was expected to be a normal routine rescue, but it ended up becoming a lesson in life and death that no one is going to forget easily! What a beautiful story!

Ol Boy was taken to the vet after lying in his own excrement for three days, unable to move. The vet diagnosed numerous problems, and Ol Boy still could not stand or walk. They removed hundreds of ticks from him and gave him a blood transfusion and fluids, but he was still too weak to stand. They suspected he would not live, and called an animal communicator to listen to Ol Boy’s wishes.

He told them he was dying and that his one wish was to die in a home, to feel the love and warmth of a home for the first time. So the rescuers took him to their home and stood vigil for him, and so did their dog. At 4:00AM he passed away and they cremated him with such a beautiful ceremony. His ashes were spread on a beach where he can finally run free.

Watch Ol Boy in the video below! These animals need our unending love and support! Let us know your thoughts in the video!

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